Starting a Home Decorating Business: The Essentials

Home Decorating BusinessStarting a home decorating business from the ground up is not easy, but it’s not exactly as hectic as lifestyle shows portray it to be. If your passion is transforming homes and people have been very supportive, then it must be worth a shot. Even if you’re not a certified interior designer, you can start a decorating business from the ground up and even be successful with it. But before we get to the details, let’s start with these milestones.

Write a business plan

Starting any kind of business requires a thorough plan. Having a clear business plan helps you conceptualise how you will set yourself apart from other designers. Take the time to study the market, identify your target audience and determine how much capital you need to start your first project.

Assemble a portfolio

When you’ve chosen a specialisation and have written a complete and polished business plan, it’s now time to gather a portfolio of your designs. Consider how you can Is there a specific area you’d like to focus on, say modernising mid-century homes or decorating bachs? Invest in specialised design tools to keep your portfolio presentable and professional.

License your business

The next step is to get your business licensed so you can officially market your business and start transforming homes. With a license, you can expand your network and be able to collaborate with industry professionals, including architects, real estate agents and home furnishing businesses.

Gather equipment and supplies

Before taking projects, it’s important to connect with suppliers. Shop around for the best equipment and supplies, and don’t forget to inform suppliers about your business. If you’re specialising in painting and transforming walls, Intex Group has the largest collections of drywall tools for sale in New Zealand.

A home design business is an exciting undertaking. If you have a knack for transforming spaces and are confident about your talent, don’t be afraid to take it to the next level. Nowadays, it’s easier to promote and grow your business, especially if you add digital marketing to your strategies.

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