Special Place for Special Occasions: Why You Should Hold Your Personal Events at Hotels

Wedding setting

You’d want to hold your special occasions in places that feel special, whether you’re having a landmark birthday party or a wedding. While it’s nice to hold these occasions in a garden or in the comfort of your own home, hotels are an excellent option.

If you have money to spare, booking a hotel will be memorable. These places can make any event special because of the following:

Spacious Venues

If you have more than a hundred guests for your affair, you wouldn’t want them to feel cramped in a small space. Apart from making your guests feel uncomfortable, you may not have room to hold the activities.

Hotels like stayexecutiveinn.com offer event spaces that are perfect for all kinds of events, from business meetings to big family reunions. Often, you can negotiate with the hotel staff to have the venue spruced up, for a small additional fee or free of charge. Now, you don’t have to worry about not having enough space and other logistics like chairs and tables.

In addition, if you need to show a film reel or a short clip, there won’t be a problem. Many hotels have LED screens in their conference rooms or ballroom areas.

Access to Additional Services

When you hold events at your home, one thing you have to consider is the parking space. When you book a hotel, however, you can get reserved or free parking spaces for your guests.

Many hotels have event packages that cover catering, servers, venue, and logistics for the price of one. If you’re holding a birthday party, you can talk to management about in-house event planners to help you organize the party. You may not need to rent lighting and sound equipment; many hotels provide these services for free or for a discounted amount.

wedding reception at an outdoor venue vineyardIf you’re staying overnight or for a few days, hotels usually give a complimentary room for the event client. After all, you’ve already paid much for your event; a free hotel room will be a good incentive for you to book future events in the same venue.

Here’s another thing you might want to consider. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up after the party if you hold it in a hotel, as opposed to having a house party. The hotel will be responsible for clearing and cleaning the venue. Just because cleaning is off your list, however, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be considerate and careful – you don’t want to be paying for damaged furniture and stuff like that.

Great Place for Pictures

One great thing about hotels is that the management cares a lot about how the place looks: neat, organized, and picture-perfect. And what better place to hold a picture-perfect event than in a place that’s visually attractive?

From chandeliers to grand staircases to amenities like pools and lobbies, hotels are great places to take selfies and group photos. If you’re holding a wedding reception in a hotel, your photographer can take post-nuptial photos by the poolside or the garden. Even your suite would be a good addition to your wedding video.

Events are not always about the place. If you’re with the right people, any party can feel Gatsby-like. But booking a hotel to hold a special event can bring your affair up a notch. After all, if you’re bringing people together to celebrate an important milestone in your life, might as well bring them in a place where they, too, will feel important.

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