Shop and Eat ‘Til You Drop: 3 Fun Things to Enjoy When Visiting Orchard Road

Singapore city skyline at night

A trip to Orchard Road is one of the highlights of any visit to Singapore. Whether one is trying to find the best bargains on their favourite brand name items, or just looking for a great spot to take selfies, there’s really a lot you can do in this dining and shopping landmark.

If you can only spare one day of your trip there, make sure to do these three simple but fun activities.

Go crazy with brands and sales

Shoppers find Singapore as a great Mecca for shopping in the middle of each year when the Great Singapore Sale is in effect. However, even on normal days, you can find that there are good discounts in Orchard Road if you know where to look.

As the renowned shopping district of Singapore, this holds so many international brands in its many shopping malls. At the same time, there are also local designers who sell their fare, which will make your shopping experience even more of a blast.

Find a familiar comfort food with a twist

Singapore is definitely a hodgepodge of different cultures – and that includes an explosion of flavours in its gastronomical landscape.

Whether it’s finding a great but tasty small nook in the mall or a comfort food American Diner, grabbing lunch at Orchard Road from restaurants such as OverEasy can be both intimidating and infinitely exciting.

The best way to go about this is to try a little bit of everything. This is especially useful if you’re planning to visit Orchard Road just for a day during your trip. Don’t worry about the calories – walking the entire length of the road and back is already good exercise!

Appreciate the architecture

From simple structures to well-designed public areas, and to the unique form of the ION Orchard, you can already breathe in culture just by taking a stroll before grabbing lunch at Orchard Road.

What’s more, Straits Times reported that Singapore is one of the cities that maintain a pedestrian-friendly approach to building structures, so strolling down the road on a lazy afternoon has its benefits.

The fast-paced retail shopping street has its fine moments, especially when you stop to appreciate the area for its sights before diving back into the chaos and enjoyment that is shopping. Have fun when you visit Orchard Road!

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