SEO Mistakes Most Ecommerce Sites Make: What to Learn

SEO in SanduskyOnline shopping trend is fast becoming popular, as more people are embracing the convenience and affordability it brings. While there are hundreds of e-commerce website available, few of them are getting profits and prominence. This is mainly because most sites have not implemented a proper SEO strategy. 

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done as optimizing e-commerce sites for SEO is harder than it is for simple websites and blogs. E-commerce sites have different product pages that constantly shuffle making search engine optimization difficult.

To help you further understand how you can optimize your site, here are some SEO errors you need to stop making: 

Failure to include a product description 

This mostly happens on online clothing stores. This means that that page won’t be displayed on SERPs as you’ve not included what a user should find when they search for the product on search engines. Be sure to write quality descriptions that are unique, says Do not write a long description that will exhaust the user.

Lack of product reviews

Before making a purchase, most buyers will head to your reviews section to know what other buyers are saying about your products.  This means that if your site has no reviews, it may be missing out on a large audience Product reviews  helps search engines find your site easily.

Using product descriptions from manufacturers

Unfortunately, these descriptions are distributed to multiple sites and this means that there’s lack of uniqueness in the descriptions. Content scraping and duplicate content are a search engine’s worst enemies.  If you have so many product pages that you can’t get unique content for, it’s better to keep them away from search engines as it looks like you’re trying to spam your way to gain SEO traffic.

Failure to optimize the URL

Your URL describes what you’re offering to your customers.  If your URL contains different symbols and letters that confuse the users, they may end up leaving. Create a user-friendly URL that is not only descriptive but also directs customers to where they need to go.

These are some of the common errors e-commerce sites make. To help optimize your site, contact a reliable marketing company. They will advise you on ways to further optimize your site for SEO  and get more profits.

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