Scaling with a PBX System

A PBX office small business telephone system enables an entire organisation to connect and collaborate in real time without limitations. It uses available and applicable devices including office phones, smart phones, tablets, laptops and home phones.

Designed for small businesses, a PBX system provides the collaboration tools you need, from basic telephony to sophisticated unified communications that include powerful video conferencing. It helps create a highly productive mobile and remote workforce, increase business capacity and capabilities easily and cost effectively, and gain business and customer service efficiencies.

small business telephone system

With a PBX system, flexibility, scalability and options are built into the system, making it the most viable option for improving small business telephone systems. The system allows small businesses to:

  • Grow from five employees to a thousand and network up to more than 20 locations
  • Collaborate via video by using built in video softphones and full featured video collaboration solutions to a virtual conference room for mobile, desktop and room system video collaboration
  • Deliver applications to mobile and office workers, receptionists, remote staff and customer service agents and supervisors
  • Track, record and report calls to build optimal customer interactions
  • Use IP, digital, analogue or SIP technology in any combination

A PBX system is the most viable option for small business to improve their telephone systems. It allows them to scale cost effectively as their organisation grows and build on what they already have.


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