On the Road to Business Prosperity: Owning the Right Vehicle Management Software

fleet management

Many businesses rely on vehicles for their operation. For some, firms supplying vehicles for transport have become their core business. Other major industries that maintain a number of automobiles are the trucking and the shipping industries. All these companies need to keep track of their vehicles to know their location and in touch with the drivers.

Financing and maintenance of vehicles should be efficient. Monitoring all of these units and other operations involved is called fleet management. This function involves more than just the regular maintenance of a company’s automobiles. It also includes management of the drivers, their speeds, fuel checks, and health and safety of both the drivers and maintenance staff, among others. The vehicles may include all kinds of commercial automobiles such as trucks, rail cars, vans, and even ships.

fleet management

This function is important as it reduces or removes the risks related to all vehicle dealings. It also decreases transportation costs and staff-related expenditure; thereby, increasing productivity. This also makes sure that the company strictly follows all pertinent laws. A department functioning in-house or an external service provider can perform these tasks.

Fleet management becomes easier if an efficient fleet monitoring system is in place. Related computer software designed for this helps companies keep track of the progress, arrange the logistics, and keep in touch with the drivers. This software performs the following basic functions:

• It stores taxation information, service history, and maintenance status of all the vehicles.
• It tracks the vehicles and maintains constant communication with the drivers.
• All driver records, including their endorsements, qualifications and medical requirement details, are displayed.
• It sets up alerts and reminders for vehicle repairs, servicing, tax due date information, insurance renewals and others.
• It displays all the necessary information related to fuel consumption and mileage.
• It has inventory options related to cargo, tires, and other related assets.

Owning this software or hiring an outsourced company to provide one will enhance your business. So, invest in a software product suitable for your business. Choose one that’s upgradable to complement the expansion of your business.

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