How does remote dentistry with Invisalign work?

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Yes, as the world takes the historic transition towards remote working seriously, straight teeth at home London is becoming a genuine option for many orthodontic patients, with successive clinics beginning to take remote dentistry seriously as part of their general practice.

How does orthodontic treatment work?

Orthodontic treatment is based on the premise that teeth are mobile. Though this may not be immediately obvious, as the speed at which they move is sluggish at best! But with continued pressure in a given direction, tooth position will alter. This is why thumb sucking or pacifier use can cause teeth to misalign, as can playing certain instruments.

The consequence of this realization is that some orthodontist work can be performed at home, and there is a plethora of DIY misinformation and poorly thought through techniques. People often use rubber bands or paper clips in a haphazard manner. This can often cause more harm than good, typically resulting in emergency dental appointments.

The upside is a far more freeing and modern approach to dentistry, far more compatible with patients’ busy lives whilst also reducing travel and considering the everyday use of orthodontic tools alongside their clinical effectiveness. And allowing you to reach your goals (clinical or aesthetic) without having to ever step foot in a surgery.

Treatment with clear aligners

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Treatment times with clear aligners can take anywhere between 6 to 12 months; misalignments requiring longer than 12 months treatment would unlikely be suitable for either at home or in clinic aligner treatment. This is a limitation; the maximum quantity of force that an aligner can generate relies on the tension stored in the elastic deformation of the aligner and not on an exterior archwire. This reduces the overall maximum force that can be delivered, restricting clear aligners to altering the positions of single rooted teeth as opposed to molars or wisdom teeth.

Minimal dental appointments

Treatment with clear aligners allows each initial step being  possible at home. Initial assessments are carried out using clinically descriptive photos of the inside of your mouth. After an initial assessment, if you are accepted, an at-home building kit will be sent out to you by mail.  Following the enclosed instructions, you’ll be able to take your own dental mold and send it. From it, a plaster replica of your teeth will be created and that replica is scanned.

Finished aligners will be posted out to you usually with a four to six weeks turnaround time. And at home treatment can begin with regular monitoring via the dedicated Invisalign app, giving you immediate access to a pool of clinicians as well as the simple way of uploading images.

Assuming no complications, the entire treatment can occur without ever having to even register with your local dentist.

Is online treatment effective?

Many have been suspicious of the efficacy of online lead dentistry, mainly from established dental communities, who clearly have a vested interest in the currently adopted model. There is certainly a greater chance of making errors and it would not be recommended for younger patients or or those who are under motivated in pursuing treatment.

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