Remarkable Event Catering Trends You Should Know

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Pleasing your hungry guests is critical to make the gathering successful. If you have the best commercial catering equipment on the market, your event will be something that your attendees will never forget. Inviting them to the next event will be easier and they will be more excited about it. You won’t have a hard time finding the right stuff that you need in Kent.  Effective cooking and service equipment will be provided by the caterer to satisfy your needs.

Consider these trends to create the perfect mood for your event:

Destination-Specific Cuisine

Do you want to wow your guests in your event? Here’s a tip for you. You can showcase local cuisine to delight the attendees. Hire the best chef in town and offer your guests something that they can’t get in other places.

Local Spirits and Cocktails

There may some attendees who worry about their health, but a night party won’t be complete without drinks. Offer them local spirits during events has become a norm, especially if you plan to hold the party at night. Serving them something sparkling will bring a festive mood.

To make your event more inclusive, it would be much better to have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available for your attendees. In this way, you won’t have to worry about those who refrain from being intoxicated, especially those who will drive going home.

Just a reminder: Don’t forget to prepare lots of ice buckets to ensure that the beverages will be at a refreshing temperature all night long. It’s also important that your guests are hydrated. So, buy decanters to place across the premises and on the tables to keep your guests filled. Others provide cucumber, and it helps.

Go for Healthy Food Choices

Considering the type of foods that you wish to offer to your guests is critical. Compared to before, young individuals of today are more conscious about their health. In fact, Gen Z — those who were born in 1996 onwards — are so inclined to going to the sports club to keep their bodies in tip-top shape. You wouldn’t want to see someone who is depriving himself of grabbing fatty meat on the plate because he’s worried about his health.

That said, you are on a safer side if you plan your menu effectively.  Here are some of the ideal food items for events:

  • Low-fat meats: turkey or chicken
  • Loaded with high Omega-3: salmon, oyster, mackerel, etc.
  • Gourmet peas and popcorn
  • Salads
  • Sauces packed with high-fibre ingredients
  • Pizzas with onions and mushrooms
  • Smoothies with veggies

Not all your guests are vegetarian, so offer them a mix of healthy and traditional delectable servings that will make their mouths water. Providing them with several options is ideal.

Grab and Go

buffet food

A grumbling stomach is something that can be very difficult to conceal. If you plan to offer the main dishes in the middle of the event, make sure there are some small portions of food that your guests can consume.  Make sure there’s a perfect pairing to continue impressing them while watching the show or presentation of your event.

Give yourself adequate time to plan the food for your event. You can save time by getting help from professional caterers. With the right equipment, you will have an event that is surely one for the books.

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