Real Men Eat Cupcakes

CupcakesWhen it comes to “manly” treats, cupcakes are often found at the very bottom of the list.

The notion is that men do not indulge in pink frosted treats adorned with sprinkles. Their idea of dessert would involve things like, bourbon marshmallows, chocolate-soaked anything, and beer-dipped treats (if possible). There’s no way Carrie Bradshaw’s Sex and the City cupcakes will live up to “macho” standards.

Or is there?

Lady Treats: Cupcakes are Feminine?

Why are cupcakes too “girly” for dudes?

According to the team from, the presentation of these baked goodies is a start. The cupcake trend started with shops adorned in frills and bows. Their products are no different — sweet treats that often had pastel colored icings topped with flower or ribbon candies. It’s no surprise that some men cringe at the idea of indulging in these sweet treats.

But the frilly, pink-frosted, sparkles, and unicorn concept doesn’t always apply. In fact, cupcakes can be manly, too.

Real Men Eat Cupcakes

More bakeries now focus on catering to the male population. There is no room for bright colored cream or feminine decorations. Some create treats based on the traditional men’s flavor profile of rum, espresso, brandy, cola, whiskey, peanuts, and pretzels. Even bacon, an all-time favorite and a must-have, makes it to the list of ingredients.

Men now enjoy espresso-infused cakes topped with double-shot buttercream, Coke, and a dash of rum. Others love breakfast cupcakes made from the trilogy of pancakes, sausages, and plenty of crispy bacon.

Selling to Everyone

More bakeries also realize that cupcakes shouldn’t just be a staple lady food; men should also enjoy their icing-filled deliciousness. By altering a few ingredients and the presentation, gentlemen are now open to the idea of munching on cupcakes for an afternoon snack.

Cupcakes transcend the boundaries of manly food items. Hopefully, the future will serve more camouflage-themed treats to satisfy the macho man’s cravings.

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