Proving Your Worth as a Newly Promoted Employee

Promotion concept shot

You’ve recently been promoted to a highly coveted position. While you may think your job is secure now that you have proven yourself worthy of better pay, your colleagues are thinking of your weaknesses and why you should not have been the one promoted. Now is the time to prove them wrong by fulfilling tasks the best way you know how.

Think of Guest Convenience

The simple task of meeting investors at the airport and transporting them to the office is not just about getting there on time and knowing what to say. You are the welcoming committee, and you are setting their expectations on how your company does business. They may put in a good word if you get a charter bus instead of relying on small and cramped taxicabs to take them to the office. Even something like overseeing commercial window installation to replace broken ones will also add to your portfolio of contributions to guest convenience and overall company improvement.

Go the Extra Mile

Being asked to buy refreshments for guests requires some clever thinking. You may have an idea of what you would want to get for yourself but think about a picky investor or someone who is allergic to gluten. Your job is to give everyone something to eat, but beyond that, they should enjoy what they are eating, as well. Choose something tasty but safe for everyone’s diet, and stray away from food options that make quite a mess.

Speak Their Language

Relating to your guests is one way to make them comfortable in the office. They should feel the company’s generosity, and they should speak freely, so there will be no problems when they are making tough decisions. Look for someone in the office who can help with the language barrier, or find a professional interpreter if necessary.

You’ve earned that promotion, but your performance in your new role might make or break your chances of being promoted again shortly. Continually improve yourself to get constant praises.

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