Protecting Your Property Against the Next Bushfire Incident

bushfire in Australian outback Nitmiluk National Park, Northern Territroy, Australia

Bushfire occurs seasonally in Australia, and though many expect it to happen, it can have terrible effects on wildlife and homeowners. It’s hard to figure out when these kinds of fires will start, but they often occur during the hot, dry summers. In fact, the most recent bushfire season has been one of the most destructive yet, since global temperatures have increased steadily.

While you cannot prevent a bushfire from happening, you can at least mitigate the amount of damage it can do to your property. Fire fighting pumps for Australian businesses and households are a viable way of limiting the damage, but there are also other steps you can make.

These tips should help you improve your property’s chances of surviving a bushfire if it was located in a dangerous area.

Check Your Roof’s Condition

It does sound weird when you first hear that your roofing must be one of the first places that must be checked, but it is true. If your roof has anything flammable attached to it, then it can easily catch fire.

Avoid this fate by inspecting your property’s roof ahead of the bushfire season. If there are combustible items built up on your gutters such as twigs and dry leaves, have it removed immediately. Cover roof vents with fire mesh as well.

If there are damaged, loose, or missing roof tiles, have it replaced or repaired. Leaving your roof exposed to the elements is the last thing you want to do.

Tend To The Plants Surrounding Your Property

It’s common sense, but things like this have to be repeated during bushfire season: plants are combustible. Bushfires often spread because of dry vegetation.

Make sure that you avoid putting your entire property in danger by taking control of the plants in your home. Is there a branch directly above your property? Make sure that it’s cut off before the season starts.

Trim the shrubs, and make sure that toys and any other things that could easily burn are not lying around the garden. If your property has grills and other similar features, make sure that they will be stored in safe areas that are far from the property.

Check Fire Safety Equipment

fire extinguishers

This is one of the more important steps you must take before the bushfire season actually begins. Do a quick inspection of all of your fire safety equipment on your property to be ready for any situation.

Fire hoses, extinguishers, axes, and all relevant equipment must be given a proper check. Your smoke alarms must also be tested to see if it still functions like normal.

Prepare an Exit Strategy

As much as you can prepare for a fire, there may come a time when a fire is just too strong and could reach your property. If that happens, you should have an escape plan ready.

Set up a strategy where you, all of the staff and any important documents or assets can be gathered and taken out of the building. Make sure that all files have digital copies, and if you have important documents, its best to have them stored in a bank vault or safety deposit box.

It’s difficult to predict how a bushfire will turn out. However, preparing for it as much as possible should help control the fire immediately and contain it in a small area. You can save thousands of animals and protect people’s homes by being careful.

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