Proper People Pleasing: The Power of Treating Your Employees Properly

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Supporting a team of talented, skillful, and dedicated workers is one of the tasks team leads and managers have to shoulder. Without the competence and knowledge of social interactions, a company will falter. Here are some suggestions to motivate the bloodstream of your company — the employees.

Hear Them Out

Consulting with business experts allows a company to get a real good look at how trends in the workplace affect the people and the workload. However, it’s still from an outsider’s point of view. Ask what your people think they need to feel happier in the office and you might be surprised at how effective their opinions can be.

Respect Time

Overtime is a killer deal for any business, especially if it’s given too often in the guise of covering more work in a shorter amount of time. When repeated with the same people, it becomes a bane for all employees. Competent and intelligent people can tell when a manager is forcing them to work longer hours without any show of respect for their individual lives outside the office. When it’s possible, avoid offering overtime. When it’s truly needed, get as many people who are willing to help finish everything faster and then compensate them accordingly.

Advertise and Appreciate

Sphere and other experts recommend hiring a Melbourne ad agency to create advertisements that will show consumers how much you care for your people. Show your target market how much your company respects the worth of your staff. This can encourage more buyers because they can see your commitment to your employees. However, the power of empathy between fellow workers can work in your favor only if you truly care for your people.

Life and work are not about pleasing everyone. It’s about pleasing the right people so that your business remains constant and long-lived. When you look at your staff and workers as the priority to please, then you’re off to a great start. As Virgin’s great founder and CEO, Richard Branson, has stated with confidence, “Happy employees equal happy customers.”

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