Print Fulfillment Services: The Final Phase of Direct Mail Marketing

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Print fulfillment services refer to outsourcing a third-party provider for a company’s direct mail marketing needs. There are several reputable service providers all over the U.S. that provide a number of services you might find useful for your business now or in the future. Here is an example of one of the best providers in the market today: Once the mail pieces have been gathered, print fulfillment services step in for checking, packing, and storing these materials until their distribution.

What are Print Fulfillment Services?

Print fulfillment services cover the entire process of storage, collection, package, and distribution of printed sales and marketing materials. It is often provided by a third party to increase a company’s efficiency, which saves and makes you money in the long term. An experienced and established vendor can streamline the distribution of collaterals to clients and prospects, and other operational or support materials to field agents, branch and franchise locations, and distribution centers.

Types of Print Fulfillment Services

  • Pick and Pack. This is ideal for orders with varying content. As the name states, it is a process of selection and collation of different materials and preparation for shipping.
  • Case Picking. Unlike pick-and-pack, the vendor does not open any boxes for picking. Unopened boxes are pulled out of the warehouse and prepared for shipping.
  • Assembly. Printed promotional collaterals are sorted and combined into a unit. For example, a printed notepad, brochure, promotional pen, and forms are gathered and packaged into a printed pocket folder or envelope.
  • Kitting. This process is somewhat similar to pick-and-pack but instead of individual items, kits with pre-chosen items are assembled and prepared for shipping. Unlike pick-and-pack, all the kits are identical.
  • Variable Data Printing (VDP). This process customizes printed pieces for its recipients, like an individually-addressed promotional postcard.
  • Print on Demand (POD). Print on demand allows you to order only the amount you need without having to worry about backstocks.
  • Warehousing and Fulfillment. If you want to add items to your outgoing order that wasn’t produced initially, they can store, fulfill, and distribute for an extra cost.
  • Drop Shipping. The provider takes care of the entire shipping process, from pick-up to delivery.

How Do Print Fulfillment Services Help Companies?

Industrial printing machineOutsourcing your printing and fulfillment needs allow you to:

  • Stay focused on your business. You no longer have to worry or get hands-on with picking up the items, packing them up, and shipping them out.
  • Cut costs on fulfillment needs. You can save up on expenses like investing in storage space, manpower, moving equipment, supplies, and other related expenditures.
  • Anticipate a faster turnaround time. Providers with a good streamlined system in place get to accomplish more tasks on time.
  • Utilize a more efficient system for storage. Professional providers have sufficient and efficient storage systems in place that keep your material in good condition until their distribution.
  • Minimize the number of backorders. Shipping delays, purchase errors, and other similar concerns are minimized with streamlined and focused operations.
  • Accommodate any fluctuating demands. Outsourcing gives you extra confidence to take on any demand volume.

Print fulfillment services can be a great asset to your business. It saves you from extra costs and headaches that go with investing in and using complicated equipment and finding storage. You get to direct your energy to more worthwhile things to improve and grow your business.

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