Preparing Your Garden for Winter: Tips and Advice


We are now in the remaining days of autumn and before you know it, it’s already winter in the UK. The streets will be covered by a thick layer of snow, castles and buildings will turn white, and you’ll wake up to white, freezing mornings. Before winter officially begins, it’s important to prepare the part of your house that will be affected most by the cold weather—your garden.


Check Your Plants

As autumn progresses and temperatures continue to drop, plants that aren’t killed by frost prepare for dormancy. Landscaping companies like Oakleigh Manor suggest clearing out the blackened stems and foliage of these plants to prevent the possibility of harbouring disease pathogens and insect eggs over the winter.

Spread Mulch

It’s important to spread a new and thicker layer of mulch before winter. This is to protect plants and soil from the cold weather. Mulch doesn’t make soil warm, but keeps its temperature even. You can convert fallen leaves from autumn into winter mulch.

Protect Young Plants and Evergreens

Protect young plants and trees from critters by wrapping tender trunks or stems with wire and other tree-guard products. Screen evergreens from winter wind and sun by setting up shade clothe shelters or burlap screens.

Preparing your garden during winter involves a variety of cleaning and covering tasks which you need to accomplish early to ensure that your backyard survives the frost when the first day of the cold season hits.

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