Post-Divorce: Why Do Friendships seem to Fail, Too?

Divorce AttorneyWhether you like it or not, divorce is a public event. Going through one not only changes the dynamic between you and your former spouse but, according to, it’s bound to have an impact on your social life too.

Even though you’ve meticulously planned how to break the news to your friends, you can’t predict how they’ll react at all. Here are some possible scenarios that could play out when your common friends hear about the news.

Distancing from the Situation

Some friends might see the split between you and your former partner as a threat to their current marriage and seek to distance themselves from you and your situation. Furthermore, since you’re the newest divorcee in town, you’re also suddenly eligible to your friends’ partners. Even though you may only have strictly platonic intentions, some of your friends could mistake your newfound closeness with their partners as flirtation, or a way to get their attention.

Splitting Up the Common Friend Group

Joint custody of you and your ex’s friends is a rare scenario following divorce. Friends tend to take sides, and it’ll usually be the person they’re closest to, so you might end up losing the friends who side with your ex. On the other hand, some friends might only enjoy your company back when you and your spouses were still together. With the change in marital status, you might get fewer invitations to cocktail parties or golf club.

What’s next for Your Social Life?

Losing some previous social engagements is a normal part of divorce. The opportunity to cut the negativity out of your life, in fact, is one way to move on from the event. So, don’t be afraid to expand your social network and try making some new friends. Reach out to someone new at work, or get yourself a workout buddy. With new people in your life, you can be yourself without fear of holding back.

Going through a divorce means that your social life will also be going through some changes. Maybe some of your friendships won’t withstand your recent split, but that shouldn’t put a damper on your social life or make you feel insecure. It simply means you should surround yourself with more positive company, as you embark on the next stage in your life.

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