Can oral implants replace multiple teeth?

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Did you know that if you have multiple missing teeth in a row they can be replaced by a set of dental implants Melbourne at the beginning and end of the row!

It’s not uncommon to have lost a set of teeth immediately adjacent to one another. This is partially due to the way that decay can spread from one tooth to its immediate neighbours but can also be due to trauma, which is unlikely to affect a single tooth and usually all the teeth on the same side.

This can be especially inconvenient if a single tooth is affected and you unconsciously change your habits of eating and talking in order to compensate. With an entire side of your mouth incapable of performing its basic functions, you may have to make conscious choices about which foods you can eat and as you would expect, your speech pattern can also become distorted.

Earlier treatment for losing a number of teeth in a row like this was a dental bridge and as good as dental bridges have been, they require healthy teeth to be anchored via a wire. This can put the stress of up to 4 to teeth on the remaining two, and this additional wear and tear usually limits the useful lifespan of a dental bridge, requiring replacement after about 5 years.

A more definitive option is the use of oral implants in Melbourne; two of these can be used to immobilise a bridge. These are placed as far apart as possible at either end of the bridge, which gives a rock solid foundation for a partial denture by fixing it directly into the jawbone. It also does not require adjacent healthy teeth, making it the best option for replacing back molars or front teeth without risking any further damage.

What is an oral implant?

An oral implant is a short titanium rod which is placed below the gum line and extends down into the jaw; at the top of the implant is a connector, which allows dental prosthetics to be semi permanently fixed in place. A single oral implant can be used on one tooth but for immobilised bridges a pair is standard. Once a bridge is immobilised by a pair of oral implants in Melbourne it is incapable of moving independently to the gum line. This stops any friction and the related friction sores which can make dentures and bridges awkward to live with.

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Can anybody get an immobilised bridge?

Most people can receive an immobilised bridge but all forms of bone surgery are complicated in young adults and it is not considered appropriate to to engage in oral implants during your teens. There is no upper age restriction on the use of oral implants but there are several medical conditions that would make implantation unsuitable. Most of which affect bone density and bone growth, which are key factors in how successful the implantation process will be.

If you have attended one dental clinic and been rejected for having traditional implants fitted, it may be worth seeking a second opinion; there are many clinics that may be able to offer you a different type of implant (e.g. subperiosteal) that can better cater to your needs. So, as always, shop around.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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