No Joyride: Is Your Car an Ideal Target of Thieves?

robber shining light inside the car

One thing you should know about car thieves is that they don’t strike at random. They have a certain target for their crimes. If you think they’re only after high-end vehicles, the luxury types that can cash in a lot more bucks, think again. An average car — any car, for that matter — can be an ideal target when it fits this profile:

It’s a Honda or a Toyota.

Yes, car thieves have a specific type of car in mind. If you’ll notice, these two are the most popular in America. That explains why they’re a hot target for criminals: its parts are in demand in the illegal market. If you happen to drive a Honda or a Toyota, you have to take stricter precautions when it comes to protecting your vehicle.

Consider putting a steering wheel or a tire lock to prevent someone from driving your car off without you knowing. If possible, install a kill switch, a device that blocks the flow of electricity to the fuel pump to disable the car to start. This frustrates thieves and eventually makes them ‘Abort mission.’ Of course, don’t neglect the good old car window tinting. Phoenix-based automotive experts say that when thieves aren’t sure what they’re going to expect inside your car, that will be enough of a deterrent.

It’s parked at a ‘good’ location.

What’s a ‘good’ location? A place that’s poorly lit and well covered is one. Another is public parking that has little to no security. Thieves have lots of choices without the possibility of being caught. If you’re going to leave your car in a public place, make sure to park it in a well-lit area, preferably near the building entrance.

If you can find a spot that’s in direct line of sight of a surveillance camera, the better. If you have no choice, at the very least, make sure that the vehicle’s front end is facing a barricade, say, a wall or guardrail. In this position, it’s harder for thieves to move the car or haul it out into the street in the event that they can’t start the engine. If there are too many obstacles, they would move on to the next target. Remember that criminals don’t have the luxury of time to stay or else, they’ll draw attention from the public.

robber breaking into a car

It’s kept idle.

Most people like to ‘warm-up’ their vehicles in the morning before going to work or before taking the kids to school. What they do is they start the engine, roll the car out of the garage, and then go inside their homes to get their stuff or the children. For thieves, it’s a golden opportunity. Not too many people are in the streets since it’s morning. No fuss in breaking into the car. No hassle starting the engine. The lesson then? Don’t keep your car idle, or don’t leave it warming up without anyone’s supervision. You never know who’s lurking around in your neighborhood.

Remember that car thieves are smart opportunists. If your vehicle fits their target profile, they won’t hesitate to break in or driving it off. Be smarter than these criminals and make every effort not to be a target.

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