Netflix Isn’t the Only Chill Way to Stream Videos

Video Stream in TexasThe popularity of Netflix as the preferred streaming service across the country and to the rest of the world is simply outstanding enough to have all sorts of idioms created for it; such as Netflix and chill, which in itself also connotes a wide variety of interpretation.

According to Coastal Innovations, as compared to cable services, streaming services is welcomed across all demographic profiles. So it’s important to invest on technology products that can help improve viewing experience.

Another study shows that 81% of the streaming service subscribers are aged 18 to 35, with 45 to 54 year olds supporting the growing subscriber list of the industry by 20% year over year.

Netflix and Top Competition

Despite the clear distinction of Netflix, there are still other reputable services that hold their ground pretty well. HBO Now and Hulu among others have a decent share of dedicated customers who watch tie-in shows that’s not immediately available on Netflix. The most requested shows on alternative streaming services include:

  • The Get Down Part 1 — the Great Gatsby retell in 1970’s South Bronx
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver — a satirical news/journalism comedy show featuring John Oliver
  • Barcelona — American lovers who find themselves trapped in Spain as the anti-USA propaganda runs high in EU parts
  • Gilmore Girls: The Complete Series – a comedy-drama series about a single mom and his daughter with a bunch of other delightful characters
  • In The French Style — a painter falls in love with a womanizing paperboy
  • Proxy – a thriller movie about violent acts done against a pregnant woman
  • Road Games — a psychological thriller about picking up a drifter and a hitchhiker
  • Homeland: Seasons 1-4 — a returning war hero returns as a terrorist spy
  • Silk Stockings — an MGM-worthy musical score featuring the remake of song-and-dance, “Ninotchka”

TV and Cable to Die Out Soon?

With the ability to choose shows that are always relevant, cable TV is now an endangered industry. CBS News reported, “The video-streaming company added 4.88 million subscribers in the first quarter, topping Netflix’s own forecast of roughly 4 million new customers. Cheered, investors on Thursday sent its shares up more than 14 percent to an all-time high of $546.80.”

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