Mediating a Divorce Keeps Things Civil

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The mention of the word divorce invokes the picture of married couples locked in mortal combat. In most cases, the divorce proceedings entail long, ugly court battles that make the evening news and the tabloids. News outlets cherry-pick the most salacious instances because they make good stories.

Surprisingly, most parties part ways end their marriages on relatively good terms. Since they’re devoid of drama and intrigue, such cases won’t make the evening news. If you’re keen to keep your divorce a private and civil affair, it worth considering divorce meditation here in Long Island.

Be reasonable

You don’t need to be on speaking terms with your soon to be ex-spouse to mediate a divorce. The process entails retaining the services of a credible mediator to help you through the uncoupling process. For the mediating party to do their job, you’d need to keep your cool.

That means being reasonable with your demands and expectations. You mustn’t do anything out of spite as that only serves to complicate matters. For instance, you shouldn’t insist that you get the heirlooms from your spouse’s side of the family. That only helps to fuel the acrimony as the other party is likely to object strongly.

For the mediation process to succeed, you need to approach the separation process logically and strategically. If you have kids, you need to be reasonable with the amount of child support as well as custody. Any attempt to stick the other party with unfavorable terms ruins the chances of an amicable solution.

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Get a better say

Hiring a mediator is hands down cheaper than hiring a lawyer. It also saves you from a long waiting process and lots of billable hours from your attorney. Unlike a divorce lawyer, a mediator doesn’t take a side – there’s no “us” against “them” situation here.

Mediators serve as the voice of reason to help a divorcing couple gets through the process relatively unharmed. Unlike a judge, a mediator isn’t there to make or pass judgment. Instead, they are there to help keep the communication channels between divorcing couples open.

A mediator is there to help you reach an agreement that works for both of you. Sometimes, judges reach a deal that doesn’t work for either party, making their lives a living hell. With mediation, you can customize your needs around your needs to avoid complicating the entire process.

As such, divorcing couples might walk away without feeling burdened and bitter. That creates a cordial relationship between the parties, which is great if there’re kids involved. Many people are led to believe that divorces are a lengthy, painful, and daunting process.

Well, that’s true in some of the separations, but that’s not always the case. Now you can opt to increase your chances of peaceful resolution when ending a marriage.

Divorce mediation is proving to be a super-efficient way to terminate the marriage without piling on the pain. It gives you better control over the process as it comes down to couples reaching an amicable solution. Unlike a court proceeding, you don’t have a judge making a ruling and dictating terms.

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