Maximizing the Potential of White Space in Design

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Every pixel of a website is a valuable space that enables you to send a message with images, words, or certain features. However, overloading a site may confuse a visitor and diminish the value of the pieces you published. White space, or alternatively known as negative space, refers to the space between the elements that you see on screen. This doesn’t have to be white or blank, it’s any space whether patterned or a colored background.

Net360 and other firms that focus on web development in Kingsport noted that when you implement certain design practices, you get the most out of negative space. Here’s what you need to know:


What is the first thing you see when you open a new tab? Isn’t it the colors of Google in the middle of the screen? This shows that white space directs the eye to a part of your website. Using negative space allows you to highlight particular parts of your site, whether it is the center or the lower half of the screen. The addition of images and text allows you to send the message you want.


White space enables you to guide a visitor into the direction you want them to go. This design concept allows you to emphasize particular elements of your website. Put emphasis on the background or forefront image, the headline of posts, or simply capture the attention of your users.


Clutter causes confusion on both ends, whether you are a user or designer. Too many colors, photos, and videos diminish the effect of the emotions you try to elicit and the brand message you want to convey. Negative space combines the two concepts above, which are emphasis and focus, to enable your site to provide clear messages.

White space in design provides you with many other advantages aside from those mentioned above. Use this to improve your website, boost traffic and increase user engagement.

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