Maximize Your Use of Vinyl Wraps with These Applications

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Vinyl wraps are among the more flexible decoration options available today. Instead of having an item painted the way you want, vinyl wraps are easy to install and are very convenient. Just choose a design and you can have the vinyl wrap installed within the day.

The main thing is that vinyl wraps can be used for cornhole boards, walls, and other surfaces. If you’re still doubting their usefulness, here are some of the uses of vinyl wraps:

Vehicle Wraps

One of the most popular uses for vinyl wraps is a vehicle wrap. Personal cars that need a bit of decoration can have anything placed on them. Besides that, owners of trucks and other large vehicles that are used by businesses would probably appreciate instant advertising on them.

The vinyl wraps used on these vehicles are specially designed for outdoor use and can last for five to seven years. That’s a good deal and when the time comes to remove them, there are no marks left behind by the adhesive, so another wrap can be placed immediately.


You may think that painting something on to walls can be a great way to decorate, but it does create the problem of thinking about how to take things down when it is time to redecorate. Scraping off the paint can be a long process. This is something that you won’t experience with vinyl wraps. Whether it is done outside or inside, adhesive vinyl wraps are the perfect way to put décor on a wall without painting it. The adhesive on the wrap allows for easy removal when the time comes.


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Decorating an appliance can be a bit of a hit-and-miss. However, vinyl wraps solve that problem easily. With the right surface, your vinyl wrap can be applied directly and you can see the difference. One of the favorite appliances to see vinyl decoration is the refrigerator. It is large, has a flat surface, and the usual flat coloring needs some spicing up. You can also apply vinyl wraps on smaller appliances such as laptops and PCs to give them a bit of a personality.

Where Not to Use Vinyl Wraps

Though vinyl wraps are very adaptable, there are some places and items that you shouldn’t be using it on. For one, rough and rusted surfaces are a big no-no. This is because vinyl needs a relatively flat surface to stick to and rusty or rough surfaces make it hard to take hold. Another thing to note is extremely curved surfaces and complex shapes. A flat surface is best for vinyl to stick to, with a slight curving being a bit acceptable.

Finally, avoid putting vinyl wraps on surfaces that can change temperatures quickly. Though vinyl wraps can be heat resistant, changing from hot and cold quickly will damage and crack the wraps.

With the flexibility of vinyl wraps, you can decorate any hard and flat surface. Use this to your advantage and decorate to your preferences. Some wrap makers accept custom orders, so you can choose a design that truly reflects your personality or brand. With a good vinyl wrap, you can leave a personalized mark on anything and anywhere.

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