Long-lasting Marriage: Reducing Stress When Exchanging I Do’s

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No one can predict what life has to offer after exchanging vows with the love of your life. But since your big day marks the start of your married life, it only makes sense that you try everything you can to make this day a perfect one. While weddings should be a day of celebrating your love for one another, this can also be the start of your stressful life as a married couple.

Women are often the ones stressing over their weddings. They stress over the tiniest detail, which makes them extremely anxious if anything goes wrong. Remember that looking stressed and anxious is the last thing you want to look like at your wedding.

To help you reduce your stress levels before you tie the knot, here are some tips that can help.

Focus on What You Can Control

One reason many people are so stressed even months before they say yes to married life is that they want everything to go their way. The earlier you realize that you can’t control everything, the better. This will make you understand that in your wedding, like your marriage, you are better off focusing on what you can control.

For instance, you may have imagined a country wedding to start married life. Understand that nature can be unpredictable. Even if you choose your wedding date during summer and the weather forecast shows a good day to celebrate a wedding, be prepared for otherwise.

What you need to focus on instead are the details you know you can control. For example, search for a good venue for your country wedding that offers both indoor and outdoor venues. This way, no matter the weather, you can celebrate your big day with fewer hassles.

Start Talking About Finances Early On

You may be planning a simple wedding with your spouse. You got every single detail in order. But how about your wedding expenses? Just because your spouse is more financially independent or is the future head of the family, they are automatically handling all the financial responsibilities early on.

Money matters are usual causes of divorce. Divorce may not be on your list as your wedding date draws near. This is you need to be open about your finances as early as now.

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The following are four examples of money issues in marriage that are often the root cause of divorce.

Talk about how you will handle family finances. This starts the moment you begin paying for anything related to your wedding. Be honest to your soon-to-be-spouse regarding your own finances and ask them to do the same to you.

Talk about any debts you are currently paying, your plans that can impact your finances, and your future savings and spending accounts. Remember that you are now a team trying to kick start your family life. You need to reconsider your wedding plans if you are paying for the event and both of you are unwilling to spend too much on the wedding.

Say Yes to Premarital Counseling

Many couples start their married life without investing in premarital counseling. This is a type of counseling where you and your soon-to-be-spouse can get to boost their readiness for marriage. This can help you get to know your partner better by identifying issues and finding ways to work through current and future conflicts.

Premarital counseling has many perks. By investing time to attend such kind of therapy with your partner, you can:

  • Improve your communication skills and understand your partner better
  • Enjoy the opportunity to discuss current and possible future issues
  • Discover something new about your soon-to-be-spouse
  • Have a better plan for your future
  • Receive expert advice that can help strengthen your relationship as a couple

Discuss sensitive topics that you have never talked about with your partner. This can include your partner’s habits, finances, sex and affection, parenting, roles and responsibilities, friends, families, and in-laws.

The earlier you get support from experts, the easier it will be to resolve issues you haven’t cleared with your future wife or husband. This will give you a better understanding of handling situations that are likely to cause arguments down the road. So, make sure you choose a trusted marriage counselor and be willing to work any issues you may have with your partner.

Your wedding marks the time you start becoming one with the love of your life. The road ahead may be a bumpy one. But know that there are things you can do to embark on this new journey with less stress. Keeping this short guide in mind will help you get through the wedding and reduce your stress levels during the whole duration of your married life.

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