It’s (Not) All in the Head: The Real Reason Behind Chronic Fatigue

Chronic FatigueFatigue is one thing, but when you hear “chronic fatigue,” that is a big problem. This usually develops after a period of unusual stress or when you suffer from a flu-like illness.

It can also occur without warning. Symptoms of this disorder include unexplained muscle pain, sore throat, loss of concentration or memory, and extreme exhaustion 24 hours after mental or physical exercise.

RedRiver Health and Wellness Center points out that it used to be difficult to know the causes and diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), which prompted speculations that the condition may actually be psychological.

Now, researchers associate this with changes in gut bacteria, offering further evidence that this is not just a psychological condition. It is actually a disease with biological causes. According to a study published in Microbiome, researchers from Cornell University recruited 48 test subjects with CFS and 39 without.


For people with CFS, they usually complain about gastrointestinal disturbances. Apart from the usual symptoms, some of them experience irritable bowel movement. Whether this has anything to do with CFS or not remains uncertain.

Research Findings

Apart from analyzing the variety and quantity of bacteria in their stool, researchers also tested their blood for any signs of inflammation.

Compared to healthy people, those with CFS had a considerably lower diversity of bacteria, which is a common finding in inflammatory bowel disease. They also discovered that those with CFS had increased levels of lipopolysaccharides, which are inflammatory molecules that can produce various symptoms of disease.


Researchers accurately identified over 83% of CFS cases based on these criteria alone. Technically, this isn’t a method of diagnosing the condition, but it can open doors to new studies pertaining to treatment.

If you are constantly fatigued, never think that it’s just all in your mind – abandon that mindset. Leaving the condition untreated can only worsen it. Consult with a health professional if you notice that it already affects your performance of daily tasks and your general well-being.

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