Is Your Classic Car Fuel Efficient?

classic car

The driving experience of classic cars on Chicago roads is unlike anything else. Unfortunately, these machines don’t sip fuel — they gulp them like crazy. Do you have to live with this kind of consumption? Classic car specialists think otherwise. Fuel cost doesn’t have to be a drawback to owning your dream classic car. Yes, it will be difficult to take efficiency levels similar to a new car, but there’s something you can do about it.

Updates and Maintenance

Not every classic car owner can afford to do costly updates or take the machine for sprucing every few months. A few affordable tweaks still exist and anyone can use them for higher fuel efficiency. A good number of these exercises are common knowledge. Make sure that the engine is in top shape, and fuel filters and oil changes should be as per recommendations. You could likewise regain some power by replacing old spark plugs.

Tire Choice

For classic cars, Chicago Car Club noted that the type of tire matters immensely. You may have heard about low-rolling-resistance tires (LRRT), for instance. The goodness of these tires is that their gripping force is higher than what conventional tires can give. Some cars, including the Bridgestone Ecopia, have been using these tires with amazing results. As you sell my classic Chicago, add these tires to add value to the car because sellers are looking for them.

Unnecessary Components

The U.S. Department of Transportation says that a motorist can gain as much as 1% fuel economy improvement by just losing 100 pounds of car weight. In terms of fuel consumption, your classic car is better off without that unnecessary cargo in the trunk. You could even lose that roof rack if you are willing to lose the cargo carrying capacity of your car.

The bottom-line is that any load on the engine has an effect on your car’s performance. Whatever way you can, reduce the amount of effort the engine needs. Use these tips to make your car more efficient.

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