Improving Workplace Hygiene Through Simple Means

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When we’re at work, we usually put on clothes that have already been cleaned, washed, and ready for use. Although it might seem like your attire is secondary to the productivity that you should put out in the workplace, it’s still proper to have some form of decorum through what we wear. However, there’s always ‘that one guy’ at the office that likes to wear the same clothes every day. Although we do want to mind our own business, there’s going to be a time that body odor might become a discussion that we’ll need to address.

At some point at work, we’ll need to have a frank and honest discussion with fellow employees on the importance of having good workplace hygiene. Not only does terrible hygiene distract us from working effectively, but this can also be a problem when most individuals become sick from poor hygiene. Of course, nobody wants to get sick, mostly when it happens in the workplace.

Since most of us at the workplace is putting effort into ensuring that we’re in proper working attire, it’s only essential that we also emphasize minimizing body odor that can be a distraction to most individuals at the workplace.

Since we are amid a pandemic, we have to ensure that our workplace and everyone working within the same facility are clean, orderly, and practices good personal hygiene.

Simple Practices You Can Do

For most industries, hygiene is a must; this is especially true for the food and medical industry where everyone will need to be clean through frequent practices. Most illnesses are spread because of malpractices in hygiene, which can usually cause other individuals to become infected with diseases.

Staying near others can be breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Suppose proper hygiene in the workplace is not enforced: this can lead to food poisoning for customers in restaurants, exposure to hazardous materials in industrial plants, and unwanted infections in hospitals.

If you’re looking for services that can help with sanitizing and cleaning your workplace, there are cleaning company franchises that can help with various scenarios and situations. Having professional services keeping your facilities in pristine condition can help mitigate any illnesses from being transmitted from one person to another.

It’s important noting that these practices do not necessarily have to pertain to the office setting as this will also pertain to different types of industries.


When it comes to most airborne diseases, ventilation is a crucial factor in minimizing airborne ailments. It’s imperative that ventilation systems, heating, and air conditioning units be checked monthly to ensure that they are within working standards.

For the most part, the odor can quickly accumulate in workplaces that don’t have good air circulation. If you’re concerned that you might be getting foul body odor, you might want to invest in air purifier systems for your workplace.

Hand Sanitizers

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But other than the ventilation system of our workplace, we have to also keep in mind that people can get infected through different surfaces. For most workplaces, such as industrial factories and restaurants, we have to maintain physical contact with many products and raw materials. Some virulent materials are known for staying on surfaces for days to weeks if not disinfected.

Although we can’t pinpoint what these objects are, we can still disinfect parts of our body that contact them. One of the dirtiest parts of our body, our hands, should always be sanitized. Hand sanitizers should always be a must for any workplace and establishment.

Protective Equipment

Specific industries will require their employees to wear safety equipment that’s tailored for different types of hazards. People in the healthcare industry will need to use personal protective equipment when it comes to interacting with individuals that are ill. Other times, this equipment is designed for wearers that are operating heavy machinery.

These clothes should be cleaned at all times and then replaced (if it’s compromised) as soon as possible. If not necessary, they should be kept in storage.

Overall, acceptable hygienic practices are quite simple to do and won’t usually take a person’s hours off of his time. Still, it’s essential to be mindful of our surroundings and observe proper decorum and hygiene when we’re at the workplace. Remember: you’re not just doing this for yourself, you’re also doing it for others. Bad personal hygiene can only lower the productivity of the office and cause fallout in some professional relationships. Thus, it’s only essential that we practice good personal hygiene in a professional environment.

Besides, I’m sure that everybody wants to look good, smell good, and feel good. Good personal hygiene is the best way of doing that.

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