Ideas for Improving Your Wooden Fence

White wooden fence surrounding the house

Some elements help enhance your property’s curb appeal, and a wooden fence is one good example. They may look traditional and conventional, but wooden fencing remains a charming and smart addition to your home. A lot of homeowners, however, are a little hesitant when choosing wood fences thinking that the designs are too typical, not something that will stand out in the neighborhood.

The good news is wood fences today come in a wide variety of designs such as split rail, dog ears, board on board, convex and stockade. All you need to do is a find a dealer that offers a range of styles and designs to choose from, and you can instantly transform your front yard with the help of new fences. Also, there are many ways for you to give your wooden fences a style and functionality upgrade. Here are some ways to improve your wood fences.

Install a Trim or Top Cap

Many companies offering wood fence installation in Tampa, Florida, explain that a trim or a top cap can add some interest, elegance, and visual depth to the look of your fence. Also, these add-ons will give the slats a finished appearance that easily stands out. Other than its aesthetic benefit, the top cap or trim on your fencing slats will protect the end grains from different damaging elements. Fences with trims or top cams tend to be sturdier and longer lasting than those without.

Add Post Caps

Post caps are another feature that will add personality to your wooden fence. These caps lend a timeless look and feel to your yard, which plays an important part in the overall appeal of your property. Post caps come in different shapes and styles such as high point, plateau, and ball. Property owners looking to go an extra mile can install lighted post caps. These generally come with metal or wood bases and feature post caps made of glass or metal.

You can also choose from several lighting colors and features to improve the ambiance and add security to your home. Consider installing post trim bases as well. They work like post caps but are installed at the bases of your wooden slats. You can choose a different design for the post caps and bases for an eclectic look or have them in a similar design for uniformity.

Add Plant Hangers

Sometimes wooden fences can seem a bit flat even with post trim bases and caps. To avoid a monotonous look, consider getting decorative plant hangers. The plant hangers will improve your fence’s visual depth and help your fence match your landscape while hiding up some of the blemishes on your fence. The plant hangers should be evenly spread along your fences so that they do not excessively strain the fence slats and compromise their integrity.

Add Latticework

Brown wooden fence

Lattice denotes an interlacing of wooden strips, which can add texture on a rather flat wooden fence surface. Furthermore, it will lend another visual dimension on an otherwise drab fence and encourage the growth of vines on your fence. Vines help your fence blend in with your landscape without obstructing the inflow of air and light.

Wooden fences are great additions to your property’s landscaping. The above ideas will make a significant difference in the look of your wooden fence and its durability. No more reason to settle with boring and typical-looking fences.

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