How Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep Cycle

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Are you struggling with insomnia? Is the lack of sleep making you crazy? You are not alone. The lack of sleep is a global epidemic, with 35% of people around the world reporting that they have trouble sleeping.

What you might not realize, however, is that your choice of mattress does affect your sleep and, by extension, your health. One American study shows that 91% of those surveyed agreed with the sentiments that a good mattress is essential to your health or well-being.

But how exactly does a mattress affect your health?

   1. Your mattress can fuel your allergies

The older your bed, the more likely it is to harbor dust mites. And these insects can cause health issues like eczema and respiratory problems. And every time you sleep on your old mattress, you might find yourself feeling itchy and experience breathing problems.

These problems will also make it more difficult for you to sleep properly. So instead of getting a good night’s sleep, you might end up waking up feeling tired, uncomfortable, and ill. If you have asthma, then your life will be even more miserable if your mattress is full of dust mites.

   2. Bad mattresses and back pain go hand in hand

The longer you use your bed, the more problematic it becomes. In the long term, mattresses end up with issues such as wear and tear, a spring or two sticking out, a hole with stuffing coming out, one side slanting more than the other, etc. What all these complications do is make it difficult for your back. Every time you lie on the mattress, you will struggle to find a comfortable spot. Before long, you will be dealing with severe back pain, which reduces your mobility while decreasing your quality of life in the long run.

   3. Your mattress can give you cardiac problems

The higher your quality of sleep, the more rested you will be. That, in turn, helps keep your blood pressure low and your heart healthy. But you can forget all about having a comfortable sleep in an old mattress. Such mattresses are bumpy and contain creatures that keep on interfering with your sleep each night. Consequently, your old mattress can contribute to your increased pressure levels, and eventually, that will cause you to have cardiac problems.

   4. Your mattress can make you mentally unwell

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If your bed fuels your allergies and makes it impossible for you to sleep well in other ways, then you will have problems with your mental health. The lack of sleep lowers your concentration levels, worsens your mood, and makes you feel generally unwell. As a result, you will have lower productivity in your workplace and end up snapping at everyone around you. Once your social life and work life is affected negatively, your stress levels will increase. And this will lead to other complications brought about by stress, including lower immunity, obesity, and poor mental health

A mattress is more important than you realize because it can affect both your physical and mental well-being. For that reason, do your shopping as if you intend to buy a hotel mattress. Find something that is of high quality and provides the best support. You can then enjoy better sleep and thus better health.

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