How to Successfully Work with a Matchmaker

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In this day and age, finding a partner can be as convenient as swiping left or right. However, getting matched with the right person can be a tricky thing, especially if you are quite picky with your partners.

Today, we will discuss everything that you need to know when it comes to working with a matchmaking agency in London. From knowing what type of information you should provide to learning how to act in front of your date, we’ve got you covered.

Go Beyond the Looks

Tell your matchmaking agency that you are willing to go beyond the looks. You might want to be matched with someone who doesn’t only have the looks but the personality as well. Sometimes, you can have both, but other times, you have to choose one over the other.

Always bear in mind that going for looks alone might not make your relationship last for a very long time. Remember that what matters most is that your personalities and characteristics will match and that you will jive as a couple.

Make It a Priority

We get it, dating is not all that you do, and you have other more pressing priorities in mind. However, if you want this to be successful, then you might want to give a couple of your hours at least talking to your matchmaker and eventually to your date.

You do not have to ditch work to do this, but you can make time after work to talk to your matchmaker about your choices and preferences. You can also choose to go out on dinner dates and such if you have a busy schedule during the day.

Don’t Compare

Don’t try to compare your preferences or dates with your past relationships and partners. This will often leave a bad taste on your matchmaker and your date’s mouths, so leave the ex-talk behind.

Sure, you can talk about them, but only if the matchmaker or your date asks about it. You should also make sure to answer the questions vaguely and quickly so that it wouldn’t be all that you would talk about.

Keep in Touch

If you want this to be successful and you want to find the perfect partner soon, then make sure to keep in touch with your matchmaker. For example, if you need advice on where to go or what to do on a first date, then do not hesitate to ask for your matchmaker’s help. You can also ask them for a couple of tips, as they most probably know a few that have worked well in the past.

You should also ask them whether they’ve found a perfect match for you or not. Regularly contact them so that you will know your status on the dating map.

Overall, always be open and answer your matchmaker’s questions with honesty. You want to feel comfortable and at ease with them so that they can see your real personality, making it easier for them to match you with the perfect person.

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