How to Revamp Your Office for the Benefit of Your Employees

Simple office design

Have you ever given the design of your office a second thought? Unfortunately, some employers don’t consider office design as a sound investment. But the fact is a well-designed office can increase employee productivity and improve physical and mental health, which, in turn, can increase employee retention.

With the help of a firm specialising in commercial office fitouts in Sydney, you can create an inspiring workplace for your employees. Below are simple office redesign hacks that can motivate your employees to work harder and smarter.

Light the Way

Studies have shown that employees who are exposed to natural lighting at work experience less stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, according to the Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace by Human Spaces, approximately 51% of workplaces in Australia don’t have natural light, while 28% don’t even have windows. But what if adding more windows or skylights just isn’t possible for your workplace?

You can keep existing windows unobstructed and clean to let the most light in instead and rearrange workspaces so that they can face a window as much as possible. If your workplace doesn’t have windows, consider indirect lighting since this is less harsh than direct lighting shining on you.

Redesign for Future Expansion

This involves more spaces with an open layout instead of mini offices, and with bigger cubicle partitions. A more open layout is airy and light, with ample room to move. Also, it’s more conducive to collaboration and interaction between colleagues. Consider investing in ergonomic and comfortable furniture, some standing desks perhaps, making sure to choose low-maintenance surfaces.

Introduce Some Colour

Interior designer coloringYou don’t need to bring in colour everywhere, but just enough to breathe some life into the workspace and refresh the eye. You can paint an accent wall a vibrant colour and get some coloured accessories and artwork. You can  also bring in some low-maintenance plants for colour and oxygen. When choosing colours, consider your brand colours or those that will fit well with the work you do in the office.

Invest in Fun Furniture

While you’re not looking to promote relaxation over work in the office, a meeting room that looks fun and not too formal would more efficiently inspire creativity than, say, a standard, formal-looking conference room.

Reduce White Noise

While an open layout is great and all, it also comes with tons of visual distractions and white noise that could hinder productivity. That being said, consider designing some enclosed spaces where your employees could escape to either work or just centre themselves.

A great work environment is more than just physical space because it’s likewise about company culture, your employees’ quality of work, and the satisfaction and drive they feel for a job well done. People nowadays want to work and will work hard in an environment that motivates and inspires. It’s your responsibility as an employer to understand the impact a well-designed workplace can offer in not only hiring and keeping employees for longer but on your employees’ productivity as well. Remember, happy employees are productive employees.

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