How to Properly Eat at a Restaurant

Women dining in a restaurant

Eating out is always fun, whether you are dining alone or with your friends and family. Trying out different types of food is indeed exciting, especially if you are a self-confessed foodie.

However, eating out does not mean that you can do whatever you want in the restaurant. Remember that you will be eating next to strangers’ tables, which means that you would have to be more sensitive to your surroundings.

Here, we will discuss a couple of things that you should always remember when eating at breakfast restaurants in Mesa, AZ, and basically anywhere else in the world.

Dress Appropriately

If you are eating in five-star hotels and high-end restaurants, then make sure to dress appropriately and act accordingly. For women, dresses and formal wear are encouraged. For men, polos and suits would be your best bet. Avoid going to a fancy restaurant wearing jeans, shorts, or a T-shirt, as these are very casual and should be reserved for bars and fast food restaurants.

Avoid Putting Your Phone or Bag on the Table

It can get pretty tempting to put everything on the table, including your mobile phone and bag. However, you should avoid doing this, as this is disrespectful not only to your companion but to everyone dining in the area as well. The table is where you put food, not items that could have germs in them — well, you put your phone and bag on a lot of surfaces, right?

You should also refrain from texting while eating, as your companion would think that you are not enjoying their company. Keep your eyes and hands off of your phone, that can surely wait. If you feel like a call is urgent and you definitely have to take it, then excuse yourself nicely and do not be gone for too long.

Wait for All of the Food to be Served

It can be tempting to just eat right away once your food arrives, especially if you are hungry. This type of behavior is not encouraged, though, as it is quite distasteful and might leave a bad taste to your companion’s mouth. Wait for all of your food to be served before you start eating. Ask your loved one whether they are ready to start eating once all of the food has arrived.

Do Not Shout at the Waiter

DIning in a restaurant

Many of us are guilty of calling out to the waiter to get their attention. However, this is considered rude in most restaurants and culture. You can also disrupt other people’s peace when you do this, so if you can avoid it, then do not do it.

Instead, raise your hand nicely and wait for the waiter to look your way. If they cannot see you or they do not notice you, then walk up to them instead and ask them for what you need nicely.

Restaurant etiquette is mostly just about common sense and being aware of your surroundings. Be mindful of the people around you, including the staff. Always be nice, courteous, and respectful of others if you want them to treat you the same way. Enjoy your meal and may you have a grand time!

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