How to Get Noticed during Your Next Company Event

Row of business people in a company event

Corporate events in the UK present your business with a great networking avenue as well as a new lead generation channel. You get to meet prospective business partners in your industry that can open new doors for your business. You also get a chance to increase your market share by creating awareness for your business.

Getting noticed at your next event can cost you a pretty penny or nothing at all. What matters the most is how confident you are. If you are looking to stand out, then you have to go all out. First impressions are crucial. In this case, you can hire a prestige car service to arrive in style. Coupled with a few other tactics, you can be the talk of the event.


Don’t pull off an eccentric outfit. Have you ever heard the phrase “dress for success”? No one will take you seriously if you attend a corporate event dressed in shorts and crocs. However, you do not have to invest in a costly dress or suit to stand out. As long as your outfit is professional, you are good to go. Also, remember to be minimalistic with your accessories.

Interact with People

Mingle and get to know what everyone does. Doing so gives you connection points. People like to be addressed by their names. Make a pitch in a conversation mode; ensure that you do not come off as aggressive. Remember that this is a social setting, so don’t make your pitch too obvious. Give a short but concise pitch.

Follow Up

Carry your business cards and distribute them. Do not hand them out to everyone. Exchange cards with the people you interact with to increase chances of a follow-up conversation. Make sure that you have unique business cards. Lots of people exchange cards at these events. The key is to make sure that your prospective client or business partner can remember what your card looks like after the event. A quality business card also speaks much about your business.

In the end, master the art of small talk. Learn to show interest in the person you are conversing with without crossing boundaries. Creating rapport goes a long way in building a bridge that can help your business.

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