How to Ensure Your Medical Exam is a Success

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Your doctor can only do so much with their stethoscope and their questions. They are going to need some lab results if they are going to be sure about your health.

Fortunately, this should be easy to do in any diagnostic centre in London and other urban areas. But, there are certain ways that you can influence the results of the exam in a negative way. If you want to get the most accurate results possible for your medical exam, here are a few necessary tips.

Get Ample Rest the Night Before

It might surprise you, but not getting a good night’s sleep can greatly affect the results of your medical exam. Staying up late can affect your blood pressure and it can combine with stress to artificially heighten your blood pressure. Besides that, your body releases stress hormones into your blood when you are awake for too long. Go to sleep and rest so that you can normalise your body before the test.

Time Your Fasting Right

One of the essential tests in your medical exam is a blood test. Blood testing allows doctors to fully determine what your blood sugar level is and other things you need to know. This is why when you are seeking a medical test, you need to do some fasting. This clears out the various substances in your blood so that the test would be simpler and more accurate. The best time to start fasting is around 12 hours before the test so your body can adapt to a cleaner body. Fasting can ensure that your blood sugar does not spike up so that your tests will be accurate in that.

Avoid Certain Foods

There are two major food groups you need to be careful of before the test. You should be aware of when you have a scheduled test coming, so cutting out both salty and fatty foods three days before the test can be a big help. You can still have fat and salt but not in too high quantities. Ingesting too much can jump up the amount in your body for the test and cause problems.

There are also certain food and drinks that can make your test inaccurate. Anything with caffeine in it can inflate your blood pressure so you should try to avoid it. Cigarettes can also do it so smoking is also out.

Don’t Exercise Just Yet

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Exercise gets the blood pumping and its effects last for most of the day. This is good if you are keeping fit but it can disrupt the tests that you will be taking. Try to delay the exercise after the test. Both your heart rate and blood pressure can go up from this so you need to avoid it for the time being.

Hydrate Properly

With the test coming up, you want a clean system. This is why drinking a lot of water for a few days is a good idea. Water can help cleanse the body of various toxic substances so that you have a good baseline result from your examination.

Get the Right Diagnosis

Medical exams are pretty important when it comes to diagnosis. The wrong results and your physician might recommend a medical approach that can actually harm you. This is why the advice above should be a priority. If you follow them right, then you can be sure that the data you are giving to your doctor is accurate.

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