How Body Image Affects The Life Of A Young Dancer

Choreographer helping young ballet dancer to have right position. Exercising at the barre by the mirror

Social pressure, as well as cultural norms, are only one portion of a complex set of issues that causes eating disorders. If you ever wish that you could change something in your body, then you are not alone. Millions of people, especially teenagers, are suffering from poor body image, which affects their confidence and the way they see themselves. It is especially rampant in performance arts, where people judge dancers not only on their performance but also on their appearance. But as a parent, is there something that you can do?

What you can do as a parent

The last thing that you want your child to feel is defeat. Being called names can profoundly affect a person’s well-being, especially how he or she sees herself. That’s why, as a parent, you need to make your voice heard. Let the performance world know that all shapes, sizes, genders, and body types should be celebrated. Also, Herald Net says that you need to promote healthy living in your home. Set a good example by eating healthy and doing some regular exercises.

Remember that anyone can achieve a healthy body image if they have a sensible approach to life. Tell your child that no one can tell them their worth based on their appearance. Instead, what matters most is who they are as a person and how they live. It’s also important to be sensitive to your child. You need to be thoughtful with your words, especially when they’re around. As a parent, you want your child to look at body shape and weight from a healthy perspective. If you feel like your child already needs professional intervention, then it’s best to enroll him or her in a bulimia treatment plan.

Lastly, it’s time to heal yourself. So many adults also have issues with weight and body shape. It’s about time that you work these out so your children can enjoy a loving attitude towards the way they see themselves. Teach them what it’s like to find joy with the body that they have.

Speak to the school administration

Talking to the school admin

Your child’s school is like a second home to them. So, if your child is experiencing any form of bullying at school, then it’s time to talk to the principal about your concern. Teasing about how a person looks is a factor that affects the child’s body image. So, ensure that the school has an active anti-bullying policy. Also, peer pressure can add up to the existing body image issues that your child may have.

You can also communicate with the school about setting up a few body image programs. Better Health says that if you notice your child is hanging out with kids that promote a ‘thin’ body image, you can try to arrange various activities so they can bond with other kids.

You won’t always be there to watch over your kids. That’s why it’s crucial that you teach them how to value their body no matter what shape it may be. Promoting a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook can help them build their confidence.

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