Honoring Your Elderly Loved One with the Right Care and Support

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Respect and honor are two things that elderly people want. Sometimes, the younger ones do not mean to disrespect older people. But, they do out of cluelessness of the elders’ needs. If you have a senior loved one, here is a list of some ways you can honor them.

Look After Their Physical Needs

One of the hardest things for a person as they age is the limitations with their physical bodies. What used to be strong forms are now laden with age. TLC Home Care suggests enlisting in-home care services for your elderly loved one.

With such services, you can be sure someone is taking care of their food and housekeeping needs. There is constant monitoring for their medications and their health essentials. When all these are in place, your loved one will not feel that they are vulnerable or a burden. If circumstances allow, it is also a good idea for you to care for them as needed.

Lavish Them with Time and Attention

Seniors are prone to isolation and depression. Because of their limitations, they cannot socialize as much as they want to. If you are living apart from them, find time to visit them frequently. When you do, give them your undivided time and attention. Be present at the moment. Show them that you enjoy their company.

Also, do not forget to show respect to your elderly by exhibiting good manners. Do not talk down to them. Always maintain eye contact. Repeat what you have said, if necessary. Being patient with them shows that you are willing to go at their pace.

Let Them Win Small Battles

Older people sometimes display childlike behaviors. As they say, old age is equal to second childhood. Thus, they may sometimes show emotional outbursts due to frustrations. Also, they may get stubborn in their ways. When what they want does not pose a danger on them, indulge them.

Caring for an elderly is not a power struggle between the two of you. Always try to reach a healthy compromise. This way, they will feel that their emotions are valid and honored. Do not push for what you want, even with the best intentions. This will make them feel powerless.

Learn From Them

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The younger generation sometimes feels superior to the older ones. They equate knowledge with tech-savviness, which most elders lack. But, there is a wealth of wisdom that only older people have. There are many skills that they know even before technology took over everything.

As a family member of an elderly, learn from their ways. It will lift their self-esteem if you ask them about some things. Seek their advice on your dilemmas, too.

Laud Their Accomplishments

When a person is in their twilight years, they want to know that they had done well with their lives. Let them relive their accomplishments. Ask them to tell you stories about their career highlights and personal achievements.

This will also help them to focus more on the positive and disregard things that they cannot change. When they focus on what they missed, they might feel regret. You would not want your loved one to wallow in remorse.

It is hard to walk in the shoes of others. It is especially difficult to empathize with things that you have yet to experience. But, in giving your efforts, you bring joy and give honor to your elderly loved ones.

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