A Green Driveway for a Greener Living


The word ‘green’ no longer refers to a color alone. Now, it has become a way of life, taking an important role in the society. With the ever-increasing levels of pollution, there is an urgency to protect this planet from harmful elements. Hence, the green revolution has taken precedence over others. You can contribute to these global efforts by starting with your own home. Owning a green driveway is one great way to begin.


This, however, doesn’t literally mean you should start painting your cement driveway green. Whatever your home construction style is, you can expect numerous benefits from having a pervious driveway. These include:

  • Reduced sewer flow
  • Lesser local flooding
  • Prevention of river and stream erosion
  • Prevention of polluting stream waters from lawn fertilizers and animal waste
  • More greenery around your home

Most pavements are constructed as impervious surfaces. Urban buildings are built with preference to concrete driveways. Water is repelled from these surfaces instead of permeating through them. The asphalt and concrete pavements make rainfall go off their surfaces into sanitary sewer or storm drains. While it’s easier to maintain, think of the multiple ill effects it can cause to the environment. With a green parking area, you won’t have to worry about these adverse effects.

There is another category for a semi-pervious driveway. Here, narrow lanes that are pervious separate the concrete blocks. The porous nature of the soil will help in filtering out most types of pollutants and make sure that the groundwater supplies are not affected. Also, chances of flooding are greatly reduced.

The permeable pavement only requires a layer of gravel or rock-bits to be present atop the soil. This will help in water retention until absorption. A gap of at least three inches is recommended. There can be an overflow route than can be created in times of excessive water conditions.

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