Give Your Property a Distinctive Edge

Modern building with greenery

Keeping the tenant turnover rates on the down low is an incredible way to secure your rental income, muses a provider of commercial landscaping services in Warner Robbins. A high occupancy rate lets you reap maximum benefits for your commercial property.

More than keeping the place in great shape, you must consider other often overlooked ways to enhance the lives of your tenants. Providing them with an incredible living and working space lets your property stand out from the sea of sameness.

Create beautiful ground

The sight of well-manicured grounds lends instant appeal to any property, giving it an edge. With the scourge of concrete taking over in many cities, people are craving a bit of greenery. With the help of an expert, you can keep your ground looking lavish and green all year round without breaking a sweat.

Getting it right from the get-go is the secret to creating gardens that not only stay green through all four seasons but also last you for years. With proper care and maintenance, the average lawn can last for decades. Not only would that delight all visitors but also lower the cost of maintenance.

To this end, you need to pick the right blend of turf grass to suit your local climate, soils, and grass usage. Bahia and Bermuda grass make excellent choices for high traffic ground in the southern parts of the country for they are wear resistant and drought tolerant. In the colder northern regions, fescue, bluegrass, and perennial ryegrass make the perfect choices.

Go green

Modern eco-friendly building

More than keeping the grounds green, you need to make building green as well. Green building technology is increasingly becoming popular thanks to the myriad of benefits that come with it. Best of all, you can install this technology even in existing buildings or as well as during the construction process.

The technology aims at lowering the carbon footprint of the buildings, which research shows are responsible for about 39 percent of the greenhouse gas emission. In addition to conserving the environment, green technology is good for your wallet too.

Installing low flow showerheads and taps as well as water efficient toilet cisterns lowers your water consumption bills. Energy efficient lighting and heating systems translate into reduced power bills. Low monthly utility bills are an instant hit with tenants looking to reduce their overheads and will keep your property full.

Embracing the use of daylight technology will lower your tenant turnover rate. The technology aims at maximizing the use of natural light to reduce the reliance on electricity during the day. Not only does that lower the power bills but has been found to improve the health and productivity of the people living in such environments.

Many tenants are willing to pay premium rates for the perfect living or working space. Adding a touch of greenery and embracing green building technology lets you afford your clients this luxury, much to their delight. Natural plants including turf grass create a healthy and relaxing environment around a property. Green building technology lets you conserve the environment while lowering the utility bills.

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