Four Sports Activities to Help Your Child’s Development in the Early Years

kids martial arts

As a parent, you know that getting your child to be more physically active is beneficial in many ways. Team sports help develop social skills and confidence, for instance, but any form of physical exercise, even hiking in the Arizona outdoors, will promote coordination and fitness, laying the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle.

We’ve all witnessed (or heard) that today’s children are growing ever more sedentary, spending too much time in front of their screens or on mobile devices. But parents also don’t want to risk their kids getting injured or having to compete against bigger, stronger children. Getting your child to love physical activity before the onset of puberty can aid their development early on in a safe and supervised setting. Here are some activities to consider.


Not all folks in Arizona would immediately think of dance classes for their kids, but it’s one of the best activities for children of all ages. Dancing entirely engages the body to develop your child’s balance, posture, coordination, endurance, and strength. Its integration with music and the arts can prove to be the starting point of their artistic growth and self-expression. Take your child to classes at a dance studio in Phoenix, and they will also learn to perform partner and group routines, fostering their social development and confidence.


It’s a local pastime to beat the Sonoran desert heat by taking a dip in the pool, but teaching your youngster to swim is an excellent way to build their strength and coordination within a stress-free environment with a low risk of injury. Swimming is also an essential >life skill that can save your child in emergencies and let them enjoy the beach and water sports for the rest of their years.

father teaching his son to swim

Martial arts

If you aren’t familiar with the martial arts – beyond the occasional pop culture reference – this one could be a head-scratcher. Nobody wants their kids’ training to be able to beat up people, right? Martial arts teach children the opposite – restraint and discipline, respect, and self-defense. Building your child’s strength and coordination and harnessing their character will help them become empowered and assured in their interactions with others.


When it comes to team sports, you’ll have no shortage of options for which one to introduce to your child in the early stages. They may even have a preference, having grown up cheering on your favorite football team perhaps. But at this age, you may want to avoid the risk that comes with heavy-contact sports. Other sports, such as basketball, may have a steep learning curve due to the complexity of skills involved.

Soccer offers the developmental benefits of team sports along with a focus on cardio (due to the constant running) and whole-body coordination and agility in a less injury-prone setting. It’s also a global sport, which gives them a means of relating to others around the world. As they grow older and become more physically developed, they can transition to other sports, and the foundational training built by their soccer practice will serve well.

Any physical activity will provide some welcome exercise for your child. In their early years, give them exposure to sports and training, which will help their development in many areas and set them up for even better fitness in the future.

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