For Great Minds: Does Your Company Culture Support Mental Health?

Company Culture Support Mental Health

There’s a lot of talk about mental health. But the conversations happen mostly in homes or therapy rooms, rarely in workplaces. It’s probably the last thing on people’s minds since the cutthroat, competitive business life gives no space for fragile thoughts and emotions. This tension-filled culture is the reason mental health should be a priority at work. If employees are increasingly stressed out, they can never be their best at their jobs. They might quit sooner or later. But if they have peace of mind, they’re more productive. Instill in your work culture the value of taking care of mental well-being by:

Breaking the stigma

The first thing that has to change in the workplace atmosphere is people’s perception of mental health. It’s taboo to talk about struggles in the office openly. You need to be tough. You have to be assertive. You should be ruthless in the workplace. Vulnerability can also be a strength, a paradigm shift that you want to introduce to your team.

Change should start from the top executives. For example, after accomplishing a difficult project, gather your team and tell them how you have personally struggled to pull through. In one of your coaching sessions with your department leaders, you can allot a brief period of reflecting about what’s happening in your lives. These small steps will help break the stigma of mental health talk taboo and naturally open communication.

Giving space and time for de-stressing

There should be no shame for de-stressing. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses have this culture. We neglect vacation days. We idealize nonstop work. We work even when we’re supposed to have a break. People embrace this way of life because of the culture of shame in relaxing. That’s another thing that you should change.

Let people take a time out. In some companies, they have “mental health days,” giving employees the time off whenever they’re stressed or burnt out. In others, they offer spaces at their very office for de-stressing. For instance, they have a “Zen zone” or an outdoor garden, where people can go in, meditate, and clear their minds. If you’re thinking about relocating, a space for relaxation should be in your must-haves. You might want to consider an office space for sale in Ortigas, for instance.

Providing benefits that support mental health

One of the best ways to communicate to employees that you are serious about mental health is by covering mental health treatment in their benefit plans. Encourage them to get consultations and medicines if necessary. Aside from this, you can also roll out flexible work arrangements. This way, people can work from home or remotely. They need not be stressed out on the road because of traffic jams. They can also experience the work-life balance they ultimately want. Organize programs that will formally solidify your commitment to your people’s better mental health.

Mental health is an issue that should be taken seriously in the workplace. Your employees perform best when their minds, hearts, and spirits are in the right. Take a moment to reconsider just how you’re promoting mental well-being in your own corporate culture.

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