Five Main Concepts of Defensive Driving

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There are many rules that you have to remember when driving: Stay alert, leave space between you and the cars around you, react appropriately, and don’t be distracted. With many of these rules completely forgotten by drivers who have been on the road for many years, it’s worth taking note that the principles of defensive driving should be the foundation of all your driving knowledge.

You certainly don’t want a traffic enforcer or policeman to use a radar gun on your vehicle and find out you’re overspeeding on the highway. You can kiss your money goodbye as the insurance company will pounce on you like never before. Also, you’re endangering yourself and those around you by driving aggressively and not following the rules.

Follow Basic Traffic Laws

The reason you get apprehended by the police is that there’s a road sign that you have missed or a warning that you have ignored. Get acquainted with the traffic laws in the state where you’re driving. Is swerving a traffic violation? Can you turn right or left on the red signal? Traffic signs and rules exist to protect drivers and their vehicles. Following these regulations is the first law of driving defensively.

Keep in Mind the Three-second Rule

Are you aware of the three-second rule? It means that there should be a three-second interval between the car before you, when it passes a stationary object on the side of the road, and your car. This precaution is put in place so that you won’t accidentally crash on the vehicle before you when it suddenly stops.

Prevent Distractions

One of the main causes of vehicular accidents today is distractions. Drivers are distracted by billboards, their phones, their passengers, music, GPS, and social media. When you are driving, put away your mobile phones. Don’t browse social media or reply to a text even when you’re in front of the stop sign. If there is a conversation going on while you drive, try not to participate in it.

Don’t Argue

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There will be aggressive drivers on the road with you. They’ll flip the finger, yell at you, and swear at you. Don’t argue or fight back. Don’t antagonize these drivers or participate in the argument. Let them have their way. There’s nothing you can do about aggressive drivers. If you fight back, it will just worsen the situation, and you might find yourself in more trouble.

Update Your Knowledge

Every time there is a new law or rule about driving, make sure that you get the whole picture of it. One of the most important things to remember about defensive driving is being informed. You don’t know that a road has recently been declared a one-way zone? That’s not an excuse for the police; you can still be apprehended. Therefore, once in a while, read about new laws and regulations.

If you are still a beginner, you might want to enroll in a driving class to know more about the principles of defensive driving. Your auto insurance might even give you a discount if you have a defensive driving certificate. You’re not only getting home safe and ensuring other vehicles are safe, too, but you’re also saving money. It’s a win-win situation.

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