Fields with Highest-Paying Careers

colleges and universities

When it comes to college education, some degrees yield bigger financial benefits. Although any degree will increase your knowledge in a particular subject, not all will result in higher income. If you’re looking to benefit the most from your education, courses on these fields are worth considering.

colleges and universities

Engineering and Sciences

According to studies, these degrees are the second-fastest growing occupational group in the United States. The demand for engineering and science courses is spreading far beyond to opportunities in transportation, mining, and manufacturing. Reports also suggest that the majority of the people who have a bachelor’s degree in such fields will earn more than those who hold a master’s in other subjects.

Economics and Finance

According to the 2012 National Association of Colleges and Employers, an economics degree can lead to one of the highest-paying careers. Degrees in economics and finance also offer a wide range of career options in business, banking, and international business careers. In business category, business administration is the only degree with higher average salaries than economics.

Keep in mind that college education is a major financial investment. This is why you have to do some cost-benefit analysis before taking any course. Visit Slippery Rock University or other colleges and universities in Pennsylvania to find related courses in these fields.

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