Essential Home Upgrades to Prevent Accidents at Home

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Due to the pandemic, most people have been staying at home for health reasons. From online schooling to working remotely, almost all of our mode of communication is digital. Home should be our haven and comfort zone. But according to Web MD, home injuries are rising with reported 20,000 fatalities, 7 million injuries, and 20 million hospital visits in the U.S. each year. Those are pretty big numbers considering that we should be safer at home and spend a lot of time in it these past few months. So here are some ideas for home upgrades that you can do to avoid accidents in your home.

Shower bars and handrails

Also known as hand bars, they are known to minimize slip and falls, especially in slippery places like the shower. This is extremely helpful when you have pregnant women, disabled, and senior family members in your household because they are more prone to losing their balance.

Hand bars are usually installed next to the toilet because it’s quite hard to go from a sitting position to a standing position, especially for the people with lessened mobility. You can also install hand bars in the bathtub or shower area because these areas have water. They can increase the risks of slipping, especially if the water is mixed with soaps and shampoos.

Depending on your household members, you might want to install your grab bars a little lower if you also have children so it will be accessible to them as well.

Window well covers

Almost all the houses in the U.S. have a basement. The basements’ original purpose was for food and wine storage. But nowadays, it can be used as an extra room, laundry room, and even recreational space. It can also serve as an emergency exit to the outside if the need arises. However, basements can also pose some danger.

Technically, you can enter and exit your house through them. And so does strangers and robbers. Installing a window well cover can help you protect your house from any outsiders. They usually look like screen doors but for the basement. An outsider won’t be able to go in through your basement because you can choose to have a lock system installed that you can still open from the inside in times of emergency.

The covers will also help in preventing people from falling into the well. According to CO2 Science, the average number of blizzards in the U.S. is 10.7 per year. During winter and rainy seasons, they can also help prevent snow and water buildup in your basement.

Alarms and sprinklers

There are many types of alarms that you can install in your house for protection, such as security alarms and fire alarms. Security alarms will primarily protect you and your family from intruders, theft, and robberies. It’s not only for residential use but also for commercial, business, and establishments protection.

The same goes for fire and smoke alarms. You can’t always see every part of your house, and if smoke were detected by the alarms, you would be notified immediately. Adding sprinklers and your fire and smoke alarms will also help prevent the fire from getting bigger. If you are also a business owner, you might want to consider installing these in your office to prevent damages and may help you save a lot of money.

Outlet covers

Another risk that people usually have in their houses are the electrical outlets and wiring. If you have children or pets in your house, you should really consider installing outlet covers to avoid electrocution or, worse, death. Basically, outlet covers will conceal an electrical outlet of a wall switch.

Having these will help prevent accidents that may involve your children or pets because they may lack the knowledge and understanding of electricity. If you have outlets installed near a faucet or any area with water, covering them will help prevent a short circuit.

There are many types and designs in the market that is readily available, and you can even do it yourself. But the most common ones used in childproofing are the plug, box, and sliding outlet covers. The plug type is the easiest to install since you only need to push these into the outlets. And no, they are not easy to come off.

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Since the pandemic can be far from over and no one can predict when it will end, there is no better time to invest in home renovations that can make us safer in the comfort of our homes. These simple yet practical upgrades can definitely minimize accidents in your house.

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