Emergency dental care – common conditions

Many people at one time or another will experience a dental emergency. And while this is an unpleasant experience, before you type into a search engine emergency dentist near me Coorparoo, it may be worth exploring whether or not what you are experiencing is indeed a dental emergency.

The following guide will provide you with some tips and advice on whether you need to seek a same-day dental appointment.


OK, so many people are aware that if you have dental discomfort it is likely you are experiencing an emergency. and while all dental discomfort should be explored by a dental team, if the discomfort is keeping you awake at night, preventing you from working or interfering with your concentration, then you need to seek a same-day appointment.

This is because discomfort to this level often indicates a dental infection which, if left, can develop into life-threatening sepsis.

So don’t risk it and seek out an emergency dental team!


Dental swelling may or may not be uncomfortable.

But irrespective of whether or not it is comfortable it needs to be explored urgently. This is because it can point to issues such as a dental infection or an impacted tooth, both of which can quickly develop into a very uncomfortable condition to be suffering from.

If the swelling appears to be more like a lump or bump, then this also needs exploring as it can be a sign of oral cancer.

Lost or loose filling or crown

Most people have at least one filling or crown in their mouth.

And while the more modern crowns and fillings are made from composite, older options are usually made from amalgam. While great as restoratives, these types of fillings or crowns are prone to coming loose, cracking and falling out, due to how they react to the heat in the mouth.

And even if your lost filling or loose crown isn’t causing discomfort, it will need to be explored by a dental team urgently to prevent decay from setting in or an abscess from forming. And as most dental teams can simply replace a lost filling or crown it isn’t worth the inconvenience of waiting for it to develop into an abscess.

Cracks and chips

Dental cracks and chips are common and are more likely to occur if you have a manual job or engage in weekend sports.

While a crack or chip in your tooth may not seem like a dental emergency it does require urgent care and fixing. This is because an untreated crack may allow bacteria and plaque to get access to the inner parts of the tooth, and may lead to tooth decay or even an abscess. As treatment for dental cracks and chips is usually a composite filling, it is worthwhile to have this done when the damage is minimal.


It isn’t uncommon to experience dental ulcers, especially if you have been unwell or if you have been brushing your teeth vigorously. But, the presence of an ulcer that is bleeding, or has grown to the size of 5 pence piece or is occurring in the same part of your mouth regularly, needs to be seen by a dental team to screen for oral cancer.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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