Drywall Installation: Drywall Screws or Nails?

Bare wall in a houseDrywall, also known as gypsum board, is one of the most popular materials for building and insulating walls. They are lightweight, cost-effective materials that create a clean surface for you to work on. In modern construction, drywall is the standard for home interiors.

The installation of drywall requires a range of specialised tools, which can be purchased from suppliers like Intex Group. Most types of drywall will require the use of nails or screws to attach them to the frame.

To secure your drywall, it is important to choose the right type – while screws are widely considered the more reliable fastener, nails have advantages of their own as well.

Drywall Nails

Drywalls have been around since 1916, and they were originally installed using nails. Nails are still popular, despite the introduction of other fasteners through the years.

Nails are highly suited for wall installations, though some building codes require that you use more nails compared to screws for the same kind of job.

The distinct advantage of using nails is its ease of use. You will only need a hammer or a nail gun to drive it into the plaster, which can greatly speed up the installation process – especially in the hands of an experienced worker.

Drywall Screws

Drywall screws add a layer of security because their ridged profile prevents them from slipping out. They are especially useful for installing ceilings as they work well against gravity.

Screws tend to cost more than nails because they are harder to manufacture and require more metal. The upside to this is you will need fewer screws to do the same kind of job that nails do. Looking at the costs of the screws themselves, they may be cheaper because you need only a handful of them. Drywall screws may also take longer to install, but the use of a quality screw gun speeds up the process significantly.

Regardless of what you choose, both screws and nails have their advantages. Choose the fastener that works best for your project.

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