Don’t Let Burglars Use Your Garage as a Gateway to Your Home

A Burglar

Most, if not all homeowners, worry about the level of safety and security of their home, so they always check the locks on their doors and windows. However, many others still overlook another gateway for unscrupulous individuals: the garage door.

Keep in mind that experienced burglars know which areas of their target home provide the easiest way to gain access with the least possibility of tripping the alarm or someone catching them. Because they know that many homeowners lax out on their garage security, they use this to their advantage. The last thing you want is to fall victim to these criminals, so it’s best to know how they can use your garage door to carry out their criminal activity.

The ease of unlocking a garage door

A recent video that has gone viral displayed that an experienced burglar only needs six seconds to open a garage door, with only a coat hanger and a tiny piece of wood as the tools. If you think yours isn’t secure enough, you might want to consider calling for professional garage door repair in Philadelphia, PA now. A pro can fix problems with your garage door and improve its security features.

Reinforcing the security of your garage

You should also consider investing in better security bolsters not just for the door, but also for the entire garage. Installing a deadbolt is a good start and keeping the latch on is extremely important. Also, do not leave the remote in your car.

You want to sleep soundly at night knowing that you have made it more difficult for burglars to gain access to your home. Improving your garage security is an effective way to achieve this goal.

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