Diving Into the Waves of Pool Design

Designing Your Custom PoolDesigning your own pool is quite common these days, whether it’s for your private home or for your waterpark business in Utah. Based on the preferences of the owners, a custom swimming pool can be a way to lure in more clients or to make your backyard stand out.

Impressions Landscape and pool installation experts list the following ideas to make your selection less overwhelming:

Size and Shape

Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes — octagonal, round, oval, and rectangular. The right pool size will depend on the space you have left in your business or your backyard. Even if you have a small space left, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your ideal design because these pools are flexible. You can get a concrete mixed pool if you want a metal framework or a fiberglass pool if you prefer a touch of elegance.

Interior Finishes

Think about what you want for your interior finishes, as this will affect the entire design of the pool. Colored concrete and glass mosaic can enhance the appeal of your pool. For concrete, you can choose whether you want it dyed or stamped with different textures and patterns. With glass mosaic, you can select from an assortment of designs and colors, including geometric patterns, rainbow colors, or a sea creature’s mural.

Water Features

If you want to attract more clients or just make your neighbors jealous, consider adding water futures. Most owners prefer getting a rock waterfall for a more tropical feel. You can even mount an ornamental light fixture on the wall where the water flows down, so it will look even better in the nighttime. Meanwhile, others prefer a foam jet that shoots water upwards out of the pool. There are also those who want a deck jet that blasts streams of water into the pool.

Avoid getting overwhelmed by all the appealing designs by taking it one step at a time. Begin with the size and shape, interior finishes and then the water features, and you’ll have a design set up in no time.

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