Distinctive Features of Nursing Homes

Old Lady

Old LadyThe traditional setting provided a pleasant environment for the senior citizens as they could get all the assistance they required. However, with modern living, people are more committed to their professions and have little or no time to offer adequate support to their aging folks. The establishment of nursing homes in Singapore has provided relief to the aged, as they are sure of sufficient care.

Services offered by nursing homes

People tend to lose the vigor required to perform the day-to-day activities as they age. In addition, old age is known to lower the strength of your body immunity and hence make you susceptible to recurrent diseases that could be fatal. For this purpose, many people prefer to seek nursing home residence where they are given intensive care and assistance.

Unlike in senior living residents, homes like NtucHealth.sg provide full-time medical attention through specialized nurses. The centers are fully furnished with all the facilities that provide comfort to the residents during their stay. They provide assisted living for the elderly throughout of bed assistance, guided walks, dressing assistance and bathing for those unable to attend to the needs. In case the client is from the hospital, the nurses provide the required medical attention to enhancing recovery.

Types of nurses found in nursing homes

People are ignorant of the diversity of careers that make up the medical profession. There are different types of nurses in the medical field depending on the course Major that one specialized in during trained. Unlike in assisted living centers that outsource medical care to the nearest hospitals, the staffs of the centers include certified nursing assistants, registered nurses, nurse practitioners and licensed practical nurses.

All the categories of the nurses in a nursing home provide a holistic health care and general assistance to the residents. The nurses handle ensuring that the residents do not experience physical and psychological stresses.

Improve the health of the elderly through residential nursing homes.

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