Designing Your Own Smile: How Will Dental Implants Change Your Life

dental implant

Your smile is one feature that immediately tells the world how you’re doing. With age, though, your smile can lose its vibrancy due to tooth loss. A missing tooth is a serious problem, as it can lead to bone loss, decay, and oral diseases.

Fortunately, there are many Beverly Hills implant dentists to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

dental implant

Here are some reasons dental implants can change your life:

Restore active lifestyle

No need to feel uncomfortable in public or worry that missing teeth will limit your ability to join the fun. Dental implants can restore an active lifestyle and give you renewed spirit. Eat whatever you want without worrying about your teeth falling out.

Improve speech and comfort

Adjusting to removable dentures can mean struggling to pronounce words. Strong and stable, a dental implant allows you to speak without being concerned that your teeth would shift. While it may need periodic adjustments, an implant can last a lifetime when properly cared for.

Enjoy favorite foods

Eat and enjoy the food you love without the hesitation. As they function like your own permanent teeth, dental implants allow you to eat your favorite food without pain or discomfort.

Dentures and bonding may still work, but they are dated dental solutions. Dental implants in Beverly Hills are now the first choice to restore missing teeth, as they do wonders in boosting a patient’s confidence.

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