Creating Online Tours: A Unique Trip of a Lifetime

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The World Health Organization reported that there are over 6 billion doses already given. This number tells us that we are almost at the end of the tunnel. We see governments push for more people to get inoculated to go back to their routine. That is the best incentive for getting vaccinated.

With borders opening and travel restrictions lifted, what are your plans? You still have to play things safe, especially with the deadly variants looming ahead of us. But it does not mean that you should not enjoy life. Even now, you can visit these sites in the comfort of your home.

As we wait for the country to open, let us go on a virtual tour worldwide. Although it does not beat going to the real thing, these online trips can whet your appetite. The experience will last you a lifetime. Come and join us for this voyage.

Highclere Castle

If you are a fan of Downton Abbey, you will recognize this monument. The Count and Countess of Carnarvon opened their home to adoring fans of the hit series. Whether you have seen an episode or not, you will enjoy the history behind this stately home.

For the devotees of this period drama, you are in for a real treat. Your guide will be on other than the great Jim Carter, who plays Charles Carson. It may keep you occupied until the second movie, which will be released next year. But before you indulge in this, you may want to check out vintage sewing patterns for your Great Gatsby outfit. You want to enjoy the complete experience.

One of the most enduring legacies of Highclere Castle is its connection to the expedition that led to the discovery of King Tut. The 5th Earl of Carnarvon funded the excursion. During WWII, it housed several children sent away by their parents for their protection. But its origin came as early as 749 AD.

Highclere Castle hosted royal sojourns over the centuries. It eventually became the crown’s property during the English Reformation. The next dynasty gave it to a loyal subject, whose family stayed in the manor for over a century. In 1800, the mansion witnessed the creation of present-day Canada. Its owners also renovated the building around the same time.



For those who devoted their precious time to the period drama Versailles, you are also in for a big treat. You can get to explore the magnificent structure online. Although you will not see it in its, you might get a glimpse of its splendor. Even with this limited view, it is still stunning.

As the TV series mentioned, Louis XIII built the palace as a hunting lodge. But it was his son who made it the wonder that we now see. Traumatized by the bloodshed that he witnessed during his childhood, the Sun King retreated to Versailles and made it the center of his court.

At the beginning of the Sun King’s renovation, he focused on the gardens. But he decided to overhaul the entire structure to make it fit for a full-time royal residence. The palace was not just a building. It was tangible propaganda as Louis XIV used it to promote himself and French culture.

His great-grandson, Louis XV, focused on the palace’s interiors. He expanded the King’s quarters and completed a ballroom in the north wing. In 1771, he commissioned the restoration of the Minister’s Wing, which was about to collapse. During the time of his grandson, Louis XVI, Versailles witnessed the first hot air balloon ride.

Catherine Palace

Those who look up to Catherine the Great can enjoy an online adventure to one of her palaces. It was a royal summer house for the doomed Romanov dynasty. But let us look at it in its happier times.

The palace first belonged to Peter the Great’s second wife, Empress Catherine I. She renovated a simple wooden house to make it suitable for a royal household. Her daughter, Empress Elizabeth, rebuilt the structure and expanded it. The reconstruction effort added two new sides, a chapel, and a conservatory.

The palace became Catherine the Great’s official summer residence. She made further renovations by adding jasper bas-reliefs and lapis lazuli wall panels. Her architect built the Triumphant Arch to memorialize the Russian’s successful defense against the French invasion.

Once the borders open this October 15, take a quick stroll and enjoy the sun on your face. Embrace freedom. But as for now, take online tours to stave off boredom. These excursions can serve as inspiration for your next travel.

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