Construction Safety 101: Things to Look Out for in Securing Your Workplace

fire alarm testing

fire alarm testingIn asset-intensive workplaces like those in the construction industry, safety is a huge concern. Workers are exposed to different health hazards. Without precautionary measures like a quality fire risk assessment, they are putting their lives in danger.

Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure the welfare of your workers. You can start by evaluating the safety standards in your work environment. Should you need a workplace reassessment, these are the things you need to inspect first:

Faulty construction equipment

Often, fire outbreaks are caused by faulty, unattended pieces equipment. Machineries like drilling rig or conveyor systems have intricate electrical components. Once these components become compromised, inefficient heat ventilation for example, the machine can blow up and cause a fire.

At the first sign of faulty machine operations, inspect the machine immediately and replace any parts that need repair. This practice has saved many companies on expenses and other damages caused by neglect and improper maintenance.

Material Storage Facilities

A construction site is replete with combustible and flammable materials. Make sure that your material storage facilities are capable of preventing unwanted combustion. If possible, separate liquids like petrol away from light materials such as wooden planks. This way, you can prevent any accident and contain one easily if such situation arises.

Refuse Facilities

Rubbish should not be taken out the picture. Often, site managers dispose refuse only on a single container without any regard for the materials’ combustibility. It’s important to take into account how the refuse can catch fire and how to dispose them properly.

Escape Routes

It pays to be prepared. Apart from monitoring the equipment and facilities, you should also draft an effective evacuation plan in case a fire breaks out. Plot out the escape routes and alarm system so you can be sure that your workers can get into safety easily. For good measure, do a fire alarm testing in the UK to check your systems.

With careful planning and implementation, securing your workplace from fire hazards can be done. You can also consult your preferred fire safety services provider to know the necessary measures to take.


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