Consider These when Choosing where to Live in San Diego

Where to Live in San Diego

Where to Live in San DiegoSan Diego, also known as “America’s Finest City,” has many things to commend it as a place to live. It has nice weather year-round, it’s close to the beach, and there are good schools and beautiful parks within easy reach. However, you need to know a few things if you’re looking for a home for rent.

Making friends

Location is a big factor when it comes to rental rates, but in San Diego County, it’s not just about how close it is to the beach or to schools. It depends on what you want in your community.

For example, if healthy living is your first concern, Carlsbad and South Park may be your best bet, but the rental cost in Carlsbad is double that of South Park. On the other hand, South Park has a tightly knit community that may make it difficult for you to make friends.

For sociable people who like the healthy lifestyle, Carlsbad may be a better place.American Heritage Properties, a company offering homes for rent, says you may get a three bedroom home  for $3,000.

Drinking beer

San Diego is famous for its craft beer. Many well off families who like their beer with good food is in North Park. It’s where you can see the best beer shops cheek-to-jowl with some of the busiest restaurants in the county. On average, rental rates cost $1,900.

Raising kids

With its many sports and recreational facilities built especially for children, City Heights is ideal for those wanting to start a family. You might also want to consider Chula Vista, which got excellent grades as a safe and healthy area for children. Both are in the middle range of rentals at $1,600.

For successful house hunting in an eclectic place like San Diego County, you want advice from someone familiar with the pace. Find better sources than Craigslist to be sure you’ll get the right home.

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